Discovery Bible Adventures

A program developed for children ages 4-11, Discovery Bible Adventures is a Sunday morning Bible Program that runs during the Worship Service.

Each week the Bible lesson is supported by the unfolding dramatic adventures of the Discovery cast of characters. Regular review games, and the memorization of portions of scripture, reinforce the Biblical truths studied.

In the spring, the program’s focus shifts and the teacher, cast and student leaders work with the children to prepare a summary of what they have learned to the congregation. This service takes place in June and is a great way to end the year.

Our previous two years were about a cast of characters who live on a tropical island called Discovery Island. In the fall of 2014 the settings for our drama’s will be in outer space.

In all our children’s ministries we desire to faithfully and creatively teach children God’s Word.

Discovery Leadership Training

Our Discovery program also offers students, in grade 6-8, the opportunity for leadership training. These students work side by side with the teacher and the cast to ensure that we reach our goal of providing a safe and fun environment in which to study God’s Word.

Discovery Cast Members

The Discovery Cast is a multi-generational opportunity to learn, laugh and serve the Lord through drama. It is a two year commitment that is demanding, but well worth the effort. Every two years the cast and setting of the Discovery program changes.