Principles and Areas of Focus

Three Foundation Principles

  • Christian Mission strives to include word and deed. Coming from a place of love and unity we will show compassion and offer hope through our words as well as through practical actions.
  • Coming alongside Christians where God is already working we will strive to partner with other churches and organizations.
  • We will encourage active engagement of our congregation as they reach out to our community and abroad, both as individuals and as the church body.

Areas of Focus

Hunger is unacceptable in a world of plenty. Our mission commitments will include measures to alleviate poverty.

We will support our Baptist Mission Partners through the global ministries of Canadian Baptist Ministries.

The world is coming to Canada. Our church will witness through welcoming and assisting refugees and immigrants.

We will work with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ from First Nations, finding ways to increase understanding and show love and support.

God has placed us among neighbours in our community of Orleans. We will actively look for opportunities to ‘Love our Neighbour as Ourselves’.

Our Mission Partners
Prison Ministry
Evangelism Outreach