About Us

Home and family.  No matter what or how you feel about those two words, let us introduce you to another kind of family, another idea of home.

Here at Bilberry, we all wear different clothes, work different jobs, reside in different houses, drive different cars, but we live the same faith. Bilberry is a place where we plant seeds of faith through worship, the teaching of God’s Word, Youth Ministry, and a variety of ministry opportunities. We encourage each other as our faith grows, and we reach out to the community, sharing the good news of our faith.

As our Mission Statement declares, we strive to “make and nurture disciples” for Jesus Christ.

Our family celebrates together, comforts each other, and provides for one another.
Whether you have lived in Orleans your whole life, you moved for school, or your job transferred you to the area, we have a place for you. At Bilberry, you are at home. We look forward to meeting you soon!